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Mindsmeet was created keeping the students - in mind. The figures wanting to study in Poland have been rising on a global scale. Students are now aware of the advantages of attaining an academic degree abroad which helps establishing a global career thus benefits in professional life. Mindsmeet recognizes the great opportunity that a student can acquire to start future by studying in Poland. Therefore, a universal portal is created which caters to the needs of every FAQ’s and about the stay in Poland. By browsing the presentation of our venerated university, it’s convenient to select the desired course as well as see the analyses of other worldwide students who had opted to study in Poland and took the admissions and started their education in Poland. Mindsmeet offers a variety of courses: inexpensive, elite and those which will satisfy even the most arduous students. Mindsmeet is the one of the biggest organization promoting both the Polish higher education and country itself on a global platform. Our portal serves as a global platform for students all over the world. If you choose to visit Poland via our portal the entire trip to study in Poland is guaranteed to be planned in most professional and organized manner. Do not apprehend about being alone in Poland. We guarantee expert and up-to-date service, based on the experience and expertise of our staff. We will guide you through a University’s admission process and provide assistance in getting a student visa in the Polish consulate in your country. You can be rest assured when it comes to other formalities on arrival, including organizing a Stay visa that gives permission to work and in finding place to stay.





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Warsaw University of Technology

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Student Speaks
  • At the age of 17 I came to Poland primarily with an aim to grow personally and professionally. In the first two years of my stay in Bialystok (Poland), I pursued a diploma in Economics the strong hospitality culture, made easy to find myself a part time job. The job paid my bills and allowed me to be independent at a very young age.. I decided to study further and pursue a technical degree; I started off with an advanced diploma in Economics. I completed my diploma with a distinction. After completing my degree, I was hired by a multinational consulting company to work as a consultant. Looking back at the journey I had, Poland has added significant value to my life. I had an opportunity to meet some great people, fulfilled my dreams to have an international degree from a renowned university, work in a globally renowned firm and have experienced some great moments which molded me into the person I am today. I am glad to say that my decision of coming to Poland 5 years ago was a life changing moment of my life.

    Dhiraj Sharma Mumbai, India.
  • After having a successful career in the Travel industry in India, I decided to take the next step by doing an MBA. Leaving my job to study further was a big decision, I choose to study at the Bialystok School of Economics because of its high global ranking and reputation in the Poland.. Also, the engagement of faculty members with the corporate world made the program relevant Working with my MBA colleagues enabled me to challenge my own perspectives and develop a strategic mind set. I received high distinction/distinctions in nearly all the units.. Poland is a multicultural country and I truly felt part of a global society during my stay. I went to different events ranging from barbecues to Musical festivals and Village dinners. I became friends with people from more than 40 countries and I know that I have friends whom I can call if I ever visit those countries. After completing my studies I returned to India and I am now working with an International organization in the field of trade development I feel that Poland has added significant value to both my personal and professional life.

    Ashish Bhatia India.
  • When I decided to register in a MBA, I the top universities across the globe. I decided on Poland because University of Economics, Bialystok.Because theyhas a fantastic computer science department and several merit-based scholarships for international students. Bialystok is a beautiful city and a growing hub for software companies. The orientation session, organized by the university provided answers many of my questions. In my second year, I had the opportunity to do a one-year research project. In Multinational Company theUniversity has a great combination of teaching excellence, a relevant and well-defined curriculum, flexibility for specialization, industry partnerships and, most importantly, the willingness to help you reach your goals. I am confident my two years here have given me a solid foundation to build a successful career.

    Nandini Nair India.
  • After completing my Hsc in Kochi got the chance to study in Poland in 2016 and it has been a remarkable experience. WSE has one of the most varied students with from more than 25 countries. Studying at WSE was a completely new genre with differences in every aspect of education and socializing from creative methods of evaluations. My lecturers at both the faculty of business and school of geography and environmental studies were highly skilled and above text books, my lecturers would have relevant corporate/ environmental case study. Being a regional area, there is more greenery and natural beauty around, weekend nights also offer ample opportunities to unwind with amazing cuisines and friends. Shared accommodation was widely available at modest rates regular public transport services made it really accessible WSE campus.In Poland, I have had the opportunity to work in a retail, FMCG and environment/ business consulting. Even after graduation, they offered their services to find better jobs and even had the opportunity to work as a tutor with the faculty of business the decision to come to Poland for my graduation studies is by far one of the best decisions in my life.

    Pamela Jose India.
Dhiraj Sharma Ashish Bhatia Nandini Nair Pamela Jose